The Bloomberg Women’s Buy-side Network, TARA and GAIN join forces to co-host a global virtual exchange -- an event that will inspire and connect 15 top investors from Asia and EMEA with university students in both regions to explore the exciting world of investing. We will explore the mega-trends for 2021, how the world’s most influential investors are shifting their strategies and how Generation Z views this new world of investing. We will speak to some of the most prominent female leaders in asset management, and discuss ways we can include younger women into the investment community. Our goal is to build a community of experienced and aspiring female investors, through trusted global connections and professional networks.

The Bloomberg Women’s Buy-Side Network is a growing community of women in asset management, with chapters in Singapore, India, Hong Kong and Japan.

Bloomberg Corporate Philanthropy leverages the company's unique insight into data, technology and innovation to help address unmet needs in our communities, to deepen engagement with our colleagues, clients and partners, and improve lives around the world.

TARA was founded by Farah Foustok, CEO of Lazard Gulf, to bridge the gap between education and the corporate world in order to develop top female talent.

GAIN (Girls Are Investors) is a community of investors set up to change the lack of gender diversity in investment management by inspiring and informing young women about a career in investment through talks, career support and opportunities.


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